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RFA player chasing soccer ball


An Academy for young soccer players that have a solid foundation of technical skills, a passion for the game, willingness to commit to creativity as a player, and desire to be a part of a team-first culture.

Birth Year: 2014
Academy Technical Standards for Players:

1.The child is coachable and willing to learn.

2. The child can dribble the ball with proper technique.

3. The child can make short passes with proper technique.

4. The child can receive the ball with a small range of techniques: bottom of the foot, inside of the foot, outside of the foot.

5. The child has basic ball mastery ability (i.e., can somewhat manipulate the ball with the sole of their feet, has a decent rhythm with their footwork with different ball mastery exercises, has sufficient balance to perform ball mastery exercises.)

6. The child can strike a ball at pace without using the toe.

7. The child has a basic understanding of the following:

- Passing and moving: spacing, giving angles, different types of runs, always being an option for your teammate if he is in trouble

8. The child is creative or is willing to show bravery and courage in trying to be more creative in one-on-one situations.

9. The child is in shape and can run for long periods of time both with and without the ball.​

Academy Team Attacking Principles:

  1. Pass and move -- always wanting the ball (bravery).

  2. Using our space wisely -- making the game big when we can and exploiting the open spaces on the field.

  3. Taking advantage of our numbers-up opportunities.

  4. Playing with creativity.

  5. Playing with freedom and discipline -- the game calls for each in different moments.

Academy Team Defensive Principles:

  1. Hunting the ball back when we lose it.

  2. Blocking shots, getting into challenges (bravery). 

  3. Setting traps for the opponent when we can.

  4. Running back to stop goal scoring or dangerous opportunities as fast as we can.

Academy Team Values

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