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As an Iowa native and lifelong soccer player, Lance Rozeboom was developed as a player and as a person within the Iowa youth soccer system. He played for Cedar River Soccer Association in Cedar Rapids, IA, and for the Iowa Olympic Development Program (ODP) State Team. Lance was recruited by some of the top soccer programs in the country before he landed at the University of New Mexico, a Top 10 D1 soccer team. After excelling as a Captain and All-American at the collegiate level, Lance was drafted to DC United and continued to play professional soccer for 10 years.

Lance is also the father of four young soccer players. After turning his attention from growing his career as a professional soccer player to growing small people, he found a passion for combining the two by providing private coaching for budding soccer players.

In 2023, Lance started the Rozeboom Futbol Academy with the dream of helping more young players learn the value of developing great soccer skills while building strong team relationships and a true love of the game.


For now, RFA is a small, pilot program. The vision is to keep the coach-to-player ratio low, allowing for more personalized and authentic player/coach experiences.

Lance with his wife and 4 sons in RFA gear


I started RFA for my four young sons. I want them to have the best culture and learning environments

for optimal growth no matter what they're doing. In my experience, the ideal soccer culture is one that integrates faith-based values, passion, and high standards for personal growth. RFA will not exist without any one of these things being a integral part of everything we do.


I believe that participating in sports teaches children foundational skills that carry through a lifetime. I want my sons and their teammates to learn those skills among soccer teammates, coaches, and parents who believe in the same values of success: a desire to improve individually and as a team, a love for working together toward the same goal, and holding ourselves to high enough standards to continually be challenged.

But creating this culture only happens if all players, coaches, and parents believe and participate. Children only learn if all the leaders — coaches and parents alike — hold themselves to the same standards.


It all boils down to this: the RFA culture is intentional and can be more powerful in developing

great soccer players than any individual talent.

RFA player kicking soccer ball



Model RFA’s values:

Joy, Servant Leadership, Honor, Loyalty,Sacrifice, Hard Work, Humility, Bravery


Help nurture your child’s development by promoting hard work at home.

We will tell your child what he/she needs to improve upon, and we expect them to spend some time working on it at home.


Clear Communication

If a player is going to miss a session or game, inform a coach in advance, if possible. We understand this is not always possible!


Reinforce our team’s standards, values, and identity on the sidelines and at home. 


Represent the RFA badge with integrity on the sidelines.


Trust in coaching staff’s process.

RFA Standards
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